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Take the frustration out of your customer retention, rewards and notification programs. While adding real-time communication with a dynamic call-to-action, to people who want to hear from you. Your customers,your profits, and more repeat business!

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Drip Campaigns

Build a series of messages to go out to new and existing subscribers. You can time these on an event or schedule them to go out on specific dates.


Reserve an exclusive keyword on one of our shared short codes. Your customers will text your keyword to the short code to join your program.

Web Opt-in Forms

Let your fans opt in to your text messages right from your website. A quick copy and paste is all it takes to embed one of our simple forms on your site.


Keep your audience engaged with a staggered series of texts. automatically spaced over days, weeks, or months. Perfect for creating drip campaigns.

Lead Notifications

Send an instant notification to your sales team when a potential customer interacts with one of your Keywords.

Birthday Messages

Who doesn’t love getting a special gift on their birthday? You can schedule birthday messages to go out on or around their birthday.


Respond to contacts individually with 2-way messaging. Our simple interface makes it easy to have back-and-forth text conversations and reply to questions.

Appointment Reminders

Reduce your no shows with a convenient SMS Reminder. We have several ways for you to create your reminders.

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    • Over 90% of all text messages are read in less than three minutes.
    • SMS campaigns have a performance rate that is seven times greater than email
    • About 70% of employees prefer that their company use SMS to communicate with staff as well as customers
    • One out of every five consumers will prefer a text message to a phone call
    • Leads who receive SMS messages related to the transaction are 40% more likely to convert than those who don’t receive texts
    • 82% of consumers say digital coupons are a more convenient option than printed coupons

We’ll Show You How It’s Done

Mobile Marketing is no longer just for big brands! With Get-With-It LLC., small to medium sized businesses can have the same capabilities at a fraction of the cost than traditional marketing. You simply choose a KEYWORD that identifies your company or campaign. Your customers and prospects then send a text message with your keyword to one of our short codes to opt-in to your campaign. When our application receives an incoming text to your keyword, the sender’s mobile number is stored in your database for future marketing or notifications. Our Mobile Marketing service is simply the easiest and most inexpensive way to integrate text messaging into your business!

We Make it Easy to Connect With Users On Every Platform

Our application offers a variety of features such as several different campaign types to engage your customers in all types of interactive programs: Keywords, Campaigns, Birthdays, Appointment Reminders, Contests, Coupons, Loyalty, and Chat.


Our Customer Loyalty Programs, Digital punch cards, Appointment Reminders, Emergency Notifications, Trivia, Surveys, and Text4info will help build databases that you can leverage for more transactions and better communication!

Success Stories

“…We have been sending about 3,000 texts every quarter. and we are almost daily seeing people walk in on a regular basis to have their jewelry cleaned and inspected. We know it is working.”

Angel Witicker

It works better and faster than email, very good support and effective results.”

Debra Becker


“I recently relocated our gallery and started using sms text, it is a great tool, and a quick way to send bulk sms to our customers about specials or updates about our new designers.  I highly recommend get-with-it for mass text messaging for any small business. “

John Wise

Head of Design

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